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Who Are We

Get to know me and what my goals are for you!

Welcome to the All-New Made Simple For You – Your Destination for Work-Life Mastery and Entrepreneurial Brilliance ✨

Hey there, it's Colleen, the visionary force that ignited CN Creative and is now fueling the rebirth of our brand Made Simple For You. I've been on a thrilling journey, and I'm excited to introduce you to this dynamic transformation!

For 23 incredible years, I've wielded my expertise as an Authentic Branding Designer, mentor, and Manager, alongside being a seasoned Social Media and Web Designer. But now, I'm not just embracing change; I'm leading it. As I step back into the vibrant world of entrepreneurship after a year-long sabbatical, I'm thrilled to share my revamped vision with you.

From our base in the bustling heart of the GTA meaning Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the surrounding area I took a step back as I transitioned from living in our 2-bedroom condo into a year-round RV art studio. And now, as CN Creative evolves into Made Simple For You, my passion for harmonizing work and life is as fervent as ever.

What's my goal? To empower you, the entrepreneurial trailblazers, with a repository of tools, guidance, and authentic strategies that amplify business growth and rejuvenate your personal life.


The newly minted Made Simple For You will continue to provide the Free Made Simple  - Authentic Branding Social and Web community on Facebook hosted by Colleen "Me".  

Starting this September I will be hosting a variety of events including learning opportunities with lives, networking, guest speakers and members will have promotional opportunities adding another layer to our creative journey.

And if you're wondering about the name, it's more than just words. It's a promise, a commitment to simplify your entrepreneurial pursuits while infusing them with authenticity and purpose. This transformation is an invitation for you to step into a world where your entrepreneurial dreams are nurtured, your brand flourishes, and your life finds equilibrium.

Join me in this exciting new chapter at Made Simple For You, where innovation meets authenticity, and the pursuit of success harmonizes with the joy of living.

Stay connected let's make the entrepreneurial voyage simpler, bolder, and even more rewarding together. Here's to you, to us, and to the dynamic evolution of Made Simple For You!

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