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CN Creative is an Authentic Branding, Social and Website Studio that is ran by the founder and designer Colleen Noakes. 


Bold, Caring, Laughing, Fun, loving, Modern, fearless Aware.

Hey everyone I am Colleen the woman behind the name CN Creative!  Simply put, I love guiding female healers, coaches and holistic entrepreneurs to be bold and authentic while creating, repurposing their content. 

For 20 years I was a slave to the marketing corporate world finding it to be a lot harder than it needed to be I began my journey transforming my part time freelance business into my fulltime design studio on wheels!


Now, don’t you go kidding yourself, I am not all about business. While on this unique path I also lost over 200 lbs in 3yrs. On this journey I have been tapping into my inner spirit intuition. This past summer I transitioned from a full-time superintendent in Toronto and hitting the road living in a Coach RV in Toronto, Canada.


I am a dog and cat Mom, I am an RCer, and without a doubt LOVE LOVE LOVE Coffee.

Colleen Noakes Founder and Designer of CN Creative


CN Creative empowers women business owners to authentically brand using genuine messaging, design, and creative solutions while repurposing your content.


  1. Ofcourse the FREE way (which to be honest is the best way to start getting to know me and what I know)  to learn and snag ideas is always to jump into my FREE community on Facebook Branding and Social Made Simple below here and gain access to challenges, guides, learn about authentic branding, content creation and repuropsing your content, lives, remember lives, community, learning, and support. You can promote your business, network while learning about authentic branding and social made simple for you. 

  2. The second FREE way to learn more from me and snag freebies like my Refresh Your Social Profiles In Under An Hour Guide  or signup here for my weekly newletter including the snippet of the weekly blog "Get The Skinny"

  3. When you work with me, it’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. We work together to better understand your our authentic brand indentity, goals and I personally curate each piece of your genuine creative pieces myself so that you are thrilled with the results and every item is checked off of your to-do list! 

    All this takes is having a conversation over a video chat or phone call to dicuss your business needs and how I can help you achieve your goals. 

  4. Keep your eyes peeled in the first quarter of 2023 I am launching a few things
    a) Collab and interviews so you can reach more people and share what you do! Cross sharing on our platforms, youtube, website to boost our SEO and reach over all. 
    b) Resources Tab here for content and branding resources
    c) Launching th Digtial Shop which will include digital planners, Guides and Courses
    d) Membership Opportunities to access all the templates, photography, courses 

  • Bring your authentic vision and feel to life!

    1 hr

    147.99 Canadian dollars
  • Brand guidelines and standards to show off your values and brand story...

    1 hr

    317.99 Canadian dollars
  • Aligning your business branding, values and message has never been thi...

    1 hr

    527.99 Canadian dollars
  • Single Page Simple Website

    1 hr

    249.99 Canadian dollars
  • Have an existing website you do not love? I am here to help!

    1 hr

    874.99 Canadian dollars
  • Get to know you and your business design and marketing needs!

    30 min


Made Simple For You Community
  • You get comfortable with being uncomfortbable in front of the camera by engaging in our free Social Challenges

  • Content ideas- captions, reels audio and template grabs

  • Promote your business and GO Member Live Days

  • Video Guides, walk-throughs and tutorials, workshops, lives, learning.

  • What is Branding and how it affects your customers

  • Heck how about just navigate Social Better

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