Colleen Noakes is the CEO and designer of CN CREATIVE. With over 18 years of design experience, she prides herself on connecting key brand strategies with creative designs that bring brands to life and resonate with consumers.

Her passion for design, usability and consistent brand messaging, along with her dedication to superior customer service are the foundation for CN CREATIVE.

”My love for design began as a young girl, flipping through magazines and watching television commercials. I was intrigued by the way that fonts, colours, and images came to life in print and on-screen. Creative drawing, painting, and crafts were also a big part of my youth.

This led me to pursue a Graphic Design post-secondary education, where I was able to fulfill my love for creativity. This passion for design has helped me to bring brands to life – connecting them to their target consumers through a variety of mediums, including print, photo editing, product catalogs and digital media.
I would be honoured to help bring your brand to life and achieve your design goals!”