Show Booths and display

Making that first impression at a show counts to draw in future customers. I can help you to create your booth design for any event. I have worked with the rules and regulations with several different venues to make booth design a success. My Graphic Design skills can set you apart from the competition and get the attention of the potential customers. 

Display Booth for Expo or convention
Display Booth for Expo or convention
Display booth
Display booth
Display Booth
Display Booth
Display Booth for any expos or convention shows

Using the requirements of the shows and conventions we adapted this booth to fit all rules and regulations. 

  • Ensure to add our key lighting
    fixtures to display. 

  • We created the banner backdrop
    to fit the display

  • Creating all printed materials 

  • I worked closely with the shows coordinators to meet deadlines
    for all shows such as payments 
    hydro and proof of insurance.

  • Organizing and following up on all documentation for the show.

  • Setup of all delivery times