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Branding Alignment: Why you need to do it!

Updated: Mar 26

My recent polls and surveys found that 80% of female entrepreneurs who were ready to level up their business branding asked not only asked how they can repurpose content and simplify the process but how to be more consistent in their branding and how to align it all easily.

The word ALIGNMENT has been a big focus for people in general over the past 3 years, it’s like everyone has taken a deep breath in and is looking to make adulting less of a struggle, and a lot more enjoyable allowing you to be freer and achieve that balance. Meaning less work and more play.

In many ways branding alignment can set you free in your business, having your message, story, imaging, branding, solutions, nailed-down niche or ideal clients, customer experience, and pricing all lined together to serve the right clients bring you the confidence to sell without even thinking about it. Having an authentic story you can stand by brings you to a new level right away, you become comfortable and aware.

But let’s not overthink all that because brand alignment is simply the practice of keeping all of your company’s communications, visuals, and interactions in line with your brand promise, values, feeling, and identity.

This is a blog banner for CN Creative about Brand Alignment

It will hands down increase your followers and increase your potential clients KNOW LIKE TRUST factor towards you as a brand overall increase your revenue by as much 25% in the first year of implementation.

Most consumers, including yourself, expect a cohesive unified brand experience across all of the business platforms digital and print they are purchasing from, working with, or obtaining services from.

So ask yourself why would you half-ass your branding alignment when you won't accept it from another brand.

A consistent brand alignment and implementation across all platforms digital and print will help people quickly recognize your brand and become familiar with it. This in turn makes them comfortable with you or your business and feel they would rather spend their money with you.

Creating an identifiable brand identity that is used both externally and internally; your employees should get the same key messages and brand strategy as your customers. It allows you to have clear messaging, and imaging and provide a clear solution to your customers' needs. Also providing a crystal clear customer experience every time they contact your business with a unified message and solutions.

The overall vibe becomes misdirected, unclear, and confusing to your customers or potential customers if a brand isn't aligned. But customers don't think in terms of branding alignment or positioning. They will only see your inauthentic, inconsistent brand across all digital and print platforms. In turn, you will not gain customers LIKE KNOW AND TRUST which turns them away from purchasing from you and going to someone they do LIKE KNOW AND TRUST.

I would say it's a no-brainer, you and your business will do nothing but gain by building upon your branding and brand alignment even if it means you have to put the effort in to do it yourself or invest back into your business and hire someone like myself to help you! Lastly, I love collaboration and building friendships with other ambitious bright dreamers, so don't be shy about connecting how you feel comfortable!

I am currently inviting holistic female entrepreneurs to join me in my free community Branding and Social Made Simple hosted on the social platform Facebook.

This community is for you if you are an ambitious bright dreamer, a holistic female entrepreneur wanting to be authentic in their branding while creating, and repurposing their content.


Besides becoming more authentic!

  • You get comfortable with being uncomfortable in front of the camera by engaging in our free social challenges

  • Free content grabs like captions, reels audio, and template grabs

  • You get to promote your business on assigned promotional posts or by signing up for our go-live member day

  • Video Guides, walk-throughs and tutorials, workshops, lives, learning, and more

  • Learn all about branding, what it means, and how it affects your customers.

  • Navigate social better

  • Guest professionals to learn from.

Would you like more information on branding, branding alignment, and the emotion of branding?

  • Yes would love a free workshop

  • Yes but your lives are fine

  • No thanks, I have my branding on lock-down!

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