The Skinny On Refreshing Your Social Profiles

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

I sat here at my desk a couple of months ago thinking about our social profiles and had an crazy aha moment and realized that women entrepreneurs and business owners are missing out on a very cool FREE and EASY feature that is built into every social platform.

It’s the algorithm - the coding of each platform LOVES to have new information, updated information, photos, videos, and not only feeds off of engagement because all of this symbolizes real authentic growth.

So my question to you is why aren’t you capitalizing on that FREE RESOURCE just a little more?

If you stick around to the end I have a little secret to share about refreshing your profiles in under an hour and really that can be done quicker if you are maintaining your accounts and looking after your profiles weekly.

Now I just want to make a point about how important this is cause I am darn sure that most of us do this exact thing every day if not weekly just maybe in a different order when someone mentions their business or gives a referral of a business, people google it. I know that I check all the companies social profiles, google maps, reviews, and their website, I want to see how current the information is, which profile seems the most reliable and what and when was their last post, and what kinda comments or reviews do they get.

Do I want to or see myself working with them, purchasing from them, or building a friendship with them based on all that good FREE information out there?

Here is one more quick example and then I can move on lol

What if you drove down the road and all the plazas removed the signs lol would you even know what or where to go lol NOPE so WHY DO IT TO your potential or current customers.

Most social gurus recommended updating your profile, settings like privacy, and notifications every 6 months to a year. For me, I feel that it’s just not enough to be relevant I need to SHINE above the rest.


I removed the fun sucking out of collecting data while reviewing my profiles, making it a quick and easy task. I added into my weekly ACTION TASKS to set aside 30 mins to 1 hour.

During this time I take the opportunity to not only review all my information, but I design and drop in a new cover photo that is going to help push my latest offer. Your cover image space is FREE real estate for you to advertise your business or free community, webinar, offers, and more. Once that is completed I head on over to my insights and analytics to take down some important information I love to collect. This information directs me to be able to market to the right people and when. So I not only get to update all the good things, and review my followers I get to collect that all-important information.

So I thought with the New Year around the corner what better time than now to share with my fellow women entrepreneurs and business owners who set their profiles straight and start booking that time into your weekly ACTION TASKS to improve your profiles weekly.

As promised a gift I have for you is my FREE GUIDE Social Profile Refresh In Less Than An Hour. I break down the easy steps of what is seriously important to remember to update and refresh to save you time in your week.

Thanks for joining me on my first official blog article and I hope to come back for more!


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