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Ten Content Myths That Could Be Killing Your Social Growth!

Updated: Jan 19

TOP 10 Content Myths that could be killing your social growth!

Growth is a key component in any business being successful! Lately, I have

been seeing and hearing some crazy crazy misconceptions, myths whatever you want to call it about social media and social growth.

We all know how much time it takes to put together your content for your social media platforms of choice and the amount of time it takes to see the results. A way I thought to help my fellow entrepreneurs was to BUST the Top Ten Content Myths that are killing your social growth.

Myth #1: Your job is done once your content is posted

This would only be true if you are not looking to grow your following! With the amount of thinking and creativity that goes into your content development, a lot of people presume that once that post goes live you are done with your job for the day on social media. This seriously couldn’t be further from the truth. I put together a couple of key daily and weekly action tasks you need to perform to see any growth or movement forward on your social media.


• Engage before or after you post with your existing followers • Find and follow those who fit with your focus or ideal client • Checking and responding to messages and comments within 24 hours



Myth #2: Being yiky yucky pushy salesy chatty in the DMS is the only way to sell

So totally further than the truth - girl let me tell you that there is no way ever that I would be pushy or salesy in my DMs. Nothing is grosser than receiving a HEY GIRL SALES message YUK.

For me, I have to be genuine in my conversation and provide a balance between personal and business. Giving the mixture of fun, personality, business and value it in forms of content like blogs, posts, reels, stories, lives, challenges, guides, a free community.

By providing all that above I attract my clients to me, building authority while we build our relationship, or they click that link in the bio to connect. For me, the DM’s can be a great place to sell if given the right opportunity but for me making meaningful authentic connections, conversations, and building those relationships are key to having a successful customer base. I usually end up inviting the follower/online client or friend to join me for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss the options for their business.


Myth #3 Content marketing is only necessary for some industries.

Who even made this one up lol it's

kinda weird!

It seems to have come from people assuming that information-based industries are the only ones that can provide value and teach to their audience.

If the last year or two hasn’t proven that above statement wrong I am not sure what could lol

Every brand that offers services or products they have information to share and should

be taking creating a content strategy seriously, as it's a great way to create valuable

content about why you stand out and are different and it's an amazing way to connect

with your audience.


Myth #4 To be successful, you should publish as much content as possible.

Right away I want you to switch your mindset and realize that it's not about the amount you create and push out on the platforms but the QUALITY of the posts

and authentic content you provide to

your audience.

Only once you get a handle on creating valuable posts and being consistent in posting and showing up can you consider upping your posting frequency. With that keep in mind, most platforms frown upon posting more than 3 times per day to

your feed.


Myth #5: The Results Are NOT Instant

This one still has me shaking my head, social media, and building a genuine

authentic following isn’t an INSTANT SCRATCH TICKET.

The whole point of social media is to post meaningful content, build relationships, show authority, engage, follow, watch, learn and build your following.

It's about showing up authentically and being the authority sharing value-packed information in creative ways. The bottom line is that building trust and authority doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time and appreciation to achieve those goals: like knowing and trusting. The results in anything we do will require us to provide hard work, sacrifice, grit, and a positive mindset first before reaping the rewards.


Myth #6 Video content isn’t worth the effort—you don’t need it.

Video is the QUEEN of content in 2022 for sure. According to a study completed by HUBSPOT 94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product

or service. The truth is that it takes less effort and resources than you might think to make a decent video. If it’s not feasible to make video your primary form of content, at least consider incorporating video into your overall strategy on occasion. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and take some time to use a simple video editing app and start trying today!


Myth #7: Content Creation is too time-consuming

Oh NO, you don’t - stop that excuses game you started with yourself. Do not get me

wrong, content creation and creativity can suck you in and yes take up all that valuable time, but if you aim to work smarter and not harder then you are in the right place. Let’s not forget about how you can renew the old content that did well in the past or maybe you want to share

that older content in a fresh new way. Content creation is a lot simpler when you keep batching in mind so make sure you join my free community Branding and Social Made Simple to learn more about content creation, renewing, and repurposing and free up your valuable time.


Myth #8: I Don’t Need to Worry About Social Media

The hard fact is that social media is not a trend; the platforms that are built are here to stay. Stop being naive and take a hard look at the possibilities of having a second, third or fourth

way of generating revenue for your family. The only time that a company hasn’t ever really needed social media is if they are themselves already a large company and well known like Coca-Cola or McDonalds.

Being active on social media means there are so many positive attributes that can help your business thrive like providing excellent customer service right there on the platform you choose. Not to mention that you get to build authority while proving valuable knowledge and it's a great way to promote your services and products.


Myth #9: All Content Should Center Around My Business

Heck no and no oh and no again - how boring do you want your account to be for real? What attracts you to the brands you follow? I bet you it isn’t all about business. You need to create a balance that is comfortable for you, between your business day, products or services, and your personal life. This is again building on the LIKE KNOW TRUST factor, the three amigos I like to call them, without one, you don’t get to the next level. The secret key to any authentic content creation is being truthful in what you believe in, staying true in your words for your values and story, and not wavering from them. This doesn’t mean you can not grow, or shift adjusting your messaging or ideal clients, it simply means standing by what you believe in first.


Myth #10: You Should Only Publish Content On Your Website

I won’t disagree that YES you should try and publish a blog or fresh content to your website

weekly or bi-weekly to obtain a great SEO ranking and have search engines recognize your business. Really you should be thinking about saving yourself time and effort by renewing and repurposing the content you create to your blog and then sharing that into your social platforms. One of your key objectives from time to time should be pushing people to your website from your social platforms. That way you can gain the three amigos the LIKE KNOW and TRUST factor and convert them into buying customers.

Finally, in order to grow your social account on any platform, you need to feed the algorithm monster by creating authentic content on the chosen platform. Create authentic content that you can renew and repurpose to save you time in the long run. This will not only save you time but repeat your message and ensure that people get that chance to see your posts. Most important show-up, share, and have some fun!

So my question for you now is what myths will you cut out of your Social Strategy?

Colleen - CN Creative CEO and Designer

I guide bold & authentic Lifestyle Coaches to repurpose & renew their content.



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